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     Satellite security-search the Internet-system "GeoTracking" it is intended for protection and the control of transport, and as for personal WEB-monitoring and safety.
    Modern technologies already now allow you at any time, from any computer having Internet connection, to define where there were your vehicles. You also can supervise any movings of your courier or the driver.
    You can always learn where there is your child having sent inquiry about the small-sized device - personal tracker which is in a pocket of its jacket, and in case of danger your child can contact you or saving service, having pressed button SOS.
   You can be quiet for the aged relatives or favourite animals, having provided their personal tracker.

Becoming the subscriber of system "GeoTracking" by means of the Internet you can:

  • To establish connection with a server "GeoTracking" (to enter into system of monitoring).
  • To choose object of monitoring for realization of inquiry of the information on it (a site, speed and another).
  • To generate the report on object of monitoring for certain time.
"GeoTracking" the server carries out following functions:
  • Stores data about objects and their messages.
  • Processes streams of entering data, executes various analytical and settlement commands according to the set schedule.
  • Provides management of objects of monitoring (without taking into account specificity of a method of access to objects - GPRS, SMS, DATACALL).
  • Operates users and groups of users in system of monitoring and their rights.
        The client cooperates with a server "GeoTracking" on HTTP to the report. The server according to inquiries of the client carries out management and the control of objects of monitoring over liaison channels (GSM, GPRS). Each object of monitoring has special GPS the receiver which accepts signals from the satellites entering into system of global positioning and GSM the receiver-transmitter (GSM the modem) which transfers the information on object of monitoring "GeoTracking" to a server and accepts commands and inquiries of the client through "GeoTracking" a server.

     The system of monitoring "GeoTracking" is intended for work with various GPS/GSM/GPRS devices.

Astron GT-102
One of the most tiny and simple trackers. Definition the co-ordinates on open district of to within 3м.
The excellent decision for monitoring and search of children, pets, cars, employees, actives.
Co-ordinates definition on demand.
Autotracking with an interval on time.
Set up by means of SMS.
Teltonika GH-1202

Personal tracker GPS/GSM/GPRS+SMS on the basis of microcircuit Sirf Star-III and multichannel GSM/SMS/GPRS phone/modem - the excellent device for maintenance of personal safety and the control of moving of various objects. The small size, long life of the battery, mobility and universal options of the device provide a wide spectrum of its using.

Astron GT-101

Work of this device is distinguished by high reliability.
Simplicity in options and the low price have made this tracker the most popular among automobile owners - users of tracking systems GeoTracking.

Teltonika FM2100

FM2100 is light terminal with GPS and GSM connectivity, which is able to get device coordinates and other data and transfer them via GSM network. This device is perfectly suitable for applications where location acquirement of remote objects is needed. So you can track your remote objects (trucks, cars, ships etc) quickly and easily.

Teltonika FM4100

FM4100 It is the full-function terminal uniting remote diagnostic centre and the satellite security alarm system. Besides geographical co-ordinates, the device is capable to collect speeds of movement all diagnostic data from the onboard automobile computer, analogue and digital gauges and to transfer them in a control office.
By means of FM4100 you easily also can quickly supervise the remote objects (cargo, cars, the ships etc.) and as to operate on distance four units on your object.
The voice communication with the driver is fine addition of this terminal.